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the schedule. Robust timetable optimization for railways Railways are often confronted with disturbances that cause delays which make it impossible to keep the original timetable. Since a working paper of Armstrong, Meissner (2010) is currently the only paper that gives an overview of RM in the rail industry, the objective is to do a literature review for railway RM with a focus on recent contributions in renowned journals. Bachelorarbeit, Mai 2010 "Analyse der Einflussfaktoren auf die Equity-Tranche von Collaterized Debt Obligations Bachelorarbeit, Juni 2010 "Eine empirische Untersuchung der Adressenkonzentration in Kreditportfolios anhand des HHI und der Granularittsanpassung, Diplomarbeit, Juni 2010 "Bewertung von Optionen anhand einer Least-Square Monte-Carlo Simulation. Diese kann als Literaturrecherche, empirische Forschung oder quantitative Analyse eines Entscheidungsproblems geschrieben werden. Revenue Management - The On-line Booking Problem Which booking policy guarantees the largest possible percentage of the optimum revenue, for any demands and request sequence? Robust Airline Fleet Composition Recently, researchers have developed advanced decision support models to assist airlines in strategic airline fleet planning and dynamic capacity allocation. Inventory Management - The On-line Problem What is the optimal point of time to replenish and how much raw materials to buy? Dienstleistungsgestaltung an der Schnittstelle zwischen Marketing und Operations In unserer Wirtschaft, in der der tertire Sektor eine magebliche Rolle in Bezug auf Mitarbeiterzahlen, Absatzvolumen und Marktausdehnung einnimmt, ist die Gestaltung und Optimierung von Dienstleistungen von groer Bedeutung.

Revenue Management for Small Enterprises Revenue Management (RM) techniques are typically applied in medium or large sized companies. The focus should be on finding, explaining and evaluating empirical studies that try to measure customers utility for a schedule or series of events. Following Barnhart and Cohn (2004) as well as Gopalan and Talluri (1998 MR is modelled as a network circulation problem with side constraints and it is only solved for feasibility as different routings do not result in different costs. Im Speziellen soll dann ein Fokus auf den erinnerten Nutzen gelegt werden. An Empirical Study of the US Market for New Equity Issues, Masterarbeit, November 2018 Sentimental Distress: The Analysis of the Tone of 8-K Reports in a Financial Distress Context, Masterarbeit, Oktober 2018 Delta-Hedged Gains and the Market Volatility Risk Premium: Evidence. How can virtual reality help to better capture process attributes and which studies did already apply it? The thesis should also review how the performance measures related to G/G/k queuing system are modeled in the existing mathematical models from the literature. A literature review, Bachelorarbeit, Mai 2016 Issuer margins in retail structured products, Bachelorarbeit, Mai 2016 The Fama-French Five Factor Model, Bachelorarbeit, Mai 2016 The icapm as Justification for Multifactor Models, Bachelorarbeit, April 2016 Liquidity Risk and Expected Stock Returns: Evidence. Computers Operations Research, 37 (1 1-19. Optimal Capacity Allocation under Interval Uncertainty The field of revenue management originates in the airline industry as a way to efficiently allocate fixed capacity to different classes of customers.

They are thus closely linked to the strategic alignment of operations and value proposition. This bachelor thesis should provide a structured overview of the concept of behavioral operations. Gter oder Dienstleistungen werden demnach durch mehrere Attribute beschrieben, wobei jedes dieser Attribute verschiedene Ausprgungen annehmen kann. According to the attribute-based utility modelling concept every product or service can be described with a list of determinant attributes and their levels. One technique that best reflects the menu-type of choice situation of different services or products is menu-based conjoint analysis. Promptness of service and the customers perceived waiting experience (e.g.

A Comparison of State-of-the-Art Optimization Solvers, dell's hybrid supply chain - make-to-stock. Service design as an interdisciplinary research discipline Services play a significant role in our economy in terms of number of employees, sales volumes and market size. Every event can be assessed either in real time or retrospectively, reflecting the actual experienced utility and the way it is summarized afterwards, respectively. International journal of health geographics, 8(1. Furthermore, they point out that the whole Airline Crew Scheduling Problem is split in two subproblems: The Crew pairing problem creates pairings by deciding which flights are combined to become a work schedule of several days for a crew. This can be done.g.

Therefore more robust timetables need to be planned to cope with several delays. However, in case of airlines, by the early 21st century, the independent demand assumption turned out to be problematic due to the increased competition and visibility of different fares. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, einen umfassenden berblick ber die verschiedenen Schritte von und Perspektiven auf Service Design zu erarbeiten, aktuelle Literatur zu diesem Thema zu sichten und vielversprechende Anstze fr zuknftige Forschungsarbeiten abzuleiten. How do consumers combine memories of a sequence of pleasant and unpleasant moments to form an evaluation of the experience as a whole? (2016 Airline Schedule Optimization, in:Belobaba,., Odoni,., Barnhart,.

This bachelor thesis should review both of these approaches and explain the diverse ways of calculating remembered utility. Bachelorarbeit, Juli 2010 "Value- vs Growth-Aktien: Eine empirische Untersuchung anhand deutscher Kapitalmarktdaten BA Juli 2010 "Robustness of Size and Book-to-Market Ratio in Cross-Sectional Regressions on the German Stock Market. Ereignis-basierte Nutzenmodellierung Grundlagen der Psychologie und ihre Anwendbarkeit auf Dienstleistungen Der Nutzen von Gtern oder Dienstleistungen ist ein zentrales Entscheidungskriterium in jedem Unternehmen. To assess this strategic fit, process capabilities ought to be measured, which can often only be done indirectly. Basic Literature: Hu,., Perer,., Wang,. ServQual (Parasuraman et al, 1988 a popular approach to evaluate service quality, proposes five principal components of service quality: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, tangibles, and empathy. Jedes dieser Ereignisse generiert einen bestimmten direkt messbaren Nutzen beim Kunden. Hier gilt es, aktuelle Studien und Forschungsbeitrge zusammenzutragen, die beide Sichtweisen miteinander verknpfen und so integrierte Lsungsanstze aufzeigen. Railway Scheduling Capacity Analysis A railway network underlies several restrictions.

Basic Literature: Laporte,. Paypal) and delivery (pleasant wait times). Gerade aber durch die Verknpfung verschiedener Bereich knnen ganzheitlichere Anstze entwickelt werden. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain; spanning from the point-of-origin to the point-of-consumption in an efficient way. News-based Volatility Forecasting using Machine Learning, Masterarbeit Januar 2020. Pricing models in Revenue Management Consider the problem faced by a seller who owns a fixed and perishable set of resources that are sold to a price sensitive population of buyers.

A broad focus should be set without restrictions to service design or scheduling. Journal of Air Transport Management, 9(6 361-369. Service design gegenwrtige und zuknftige Forschungsfelder In der heutigen Wirtschaft spielen Dienstleistungen eine bedeutende Rolle und machen einen Groteil der wirtschaftlichen Aktivitten aus. Similarly, Hyundai said that it decided to suspend its production lines from operating at its plants in Korea due to disruptions in the supply of parts resulting from the coronavirus outbreak in China. Journal of Business Research 57 (4 392-404. (2019 Airline Timetable Development and Fleet Assignment Incorporating Passenger Choice. Auerdem liegt der Fokus auf der schnellen Lsung der Probleme, weil sofort eine Entscheidung getroffen werden muss. Detailed questions are: What experimental, quantitative studies have been conducted to analyze these sequence effects? Each node represents demands for service originating from that neighborhood.

It should clearly describe the influencing factors and the studies performed to gain these research insights. S., and Roels,. (2014 Validating and extending the Three Process Model of alertness in airline operations. Due to missing capacities it can be necessary to use other routes. The focus of this thesis is to present and illustrate the methodology of Ding,. Some firms may thus compete on reliability, which means that reliability is a competitive priority. The most promising approach is often a sophisticated combination of several techniques. The peak-end-rule for example suggests that incidents that occurred at the end of an encounter have a much stronger effect on the overall evaluation than the incidents during the rest of the experience. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the current situation in the ski resort market, analyze the business model of ski resorts and describe how/why revenue management can be applied. . In DA, the customers are assigned to facilities by a central decision maker such that overall system performance is optimized.

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